Our Team

Dinesh Ratnasingam

Sales Representative

"Dinesh’s passion for real estate began at a young age of 21 when he invested in a property for himself. Dinesh then further invested in properties for himself, family and friends. His undeniable success brought further investors which began his real estate profession. Dinesh also well known as Honest Realtors honors the client’s financial well-being with his three pillars for success: integrity, passion, and commitment which leads to results. His experience in real estate over 10 years provided many clients worthy investment, dream homes, and an undeniable grounded trust in him and his service. Dinesh’s success in the industry is his trademark to deliver the best service possible for his clients while catering to the individual and unique needs. Dinesh’s success speaks for himself as 90 percent of transactions are through his client’s referrals as they continue to love the honest service received. Dinesh is strong believer in giving back to his community."

Mobile: 416.830.3033

Chandru Thedsanamoorthy

Sales Representative

Mobile: 416.984.2426